Schnauzer mixes have been all the rage lately with the trend stemming from socialites and their toy dog breeds. There are a few schnauzer mixes that are available right now, of course none of them being purebred breeds.

In fact, these hybrid dogs or also known as designer dogs, are probably not bred from purebreds to create the schnauzer mix. What is done is called a multi-generational cross breeding process that is used to engineer these schnauzer mixes. They will take a mix of a mix from across generations to create the schnauzer mix. So in other words, your schnauzer mix is not a mix of 2 purebred breeds, but of 2 mixes of each of those 2 breeds.

Here are the top schnauzer mixes starting from the most popular schnauzer mix to the least. (Click the links below to learn more about the Schnauzer Mix)

Schnauzer Mixed with Maltese

This is the most popular schnauzer mix because of the reasons why people like schnauzers and Maltese. Mauzers are small and compact but has the intelligence of a schnauzer. This schnauzer mix will remain the most popular because of the popularity of the Maltese.

Schnauzer Mixed with Poodle

You may have heard of a schnoodle before because it is one of the most popular schnauzer mixes. It is a cross between a mini schnauzer and a poodle. This gives a schnauzer mix which is really cute and encompasses a lot of the traits of a schnauzer.

Schnauzer Mixed with Yorkie

Schnorkies are a close second/third in popularity because of their size. With the increasing demand for small toy like breeds, more and more people are flocking to get a schnorkie because it is basically a toy schnauzer. Because the naturally small size of the Yorkie, it makes this schnauzer mix very small and up to 11 pounds.

Schnauzer Mixed with Pomeranian

This schnauzer mix is not as popular but is still on the market today. It takes the Pomeranian which is pretty popular and combines it with a schnauzer to create this unique schnauzer mix. With the mini schnauzer in the top 20 most popular breeds, it is no wonder people like to mix it with their small breeds.

Schnauzer Mixed with Pug

These schnauzer mixes are the most unique of them all. The pudgy size of a pug combined with a scruffy look of a schnauzer. You may be seeing more and more of this schnauzer mix in the years to come.

What are some schnauzer mixes that you have seen before? Share your thoughts with us in a comment below or in the Schnauzer Forums.