The miniature schnauzer life expectancy is about 15 years depending on how well you take care of your mini schnauzer. They can be prone to some miniature schnauzer diseases so be sure to take care of them.

One of the most important things that affect the miniature schnauzer life expectancy is the amount of food you feed them. Mini schnauzers have a tendency to overeat and will eat everything of how much dog food you give them. It is in their breed that they don’t really know when they are hungry so they will keep eating which can cause them to be overweight. Dogs in general will be more likely to get arthritis if they are overweight, so be sure to keep your schnauzer on a healthy diet. It’s pretty important to not overfeed your mini schnauzer. Try to resist giving them table scraps as human food is usually not very healthy for dogs.

You may want to feed your mini schnauzer glucosamine liver pills to help with their joints and help prevent the onset of arthritis. There are a variety of other supplements that you can give your mini schnauzer. Be sure not to overdo it as they should be getting plenty of nutrition from the dog food they have every day. As one of the top 20 breeds in the United States, you want to make sure you get your mini schnauzer out and socialized with other dogs. Give them enough exercise, as they love brisk walks a couple times a day.

Other miniature schnauzer diseases that can affect their life expectancy include kidney stones, diabetes, liver disease, and skin disorders. As some of these as hereditary, you need to make sure that they have the things they need to combat the diseases. Make sure there is always plenty of fresh water for your mini schnauzer to drink. Groom them often as their fur can get matted. Use a conditioner when bathing your mini schnauzer to help with any skin disorders or dry skin. Luckily, mini schnauzers do not shed, and if they do, it is very little and perfect for allergy sufferers.

For the miniature schnauzer life expectancy of 15 years, they usually will not show signs of aging until very late in their life. I have seen many mini schnauzers at over 12 and 13 years old still running around like they are half that age.