Certain breed of dogs are prone to certain dog diseases and miniature schnauzers are no exception to the rule. But you can watch out for some symptoms and prevent a lot of miniature schnauzer health problems by properly taking care of your little schnauzer. Keep reading for more information about miniature schnauzer diseases.

Miniature Schnauzer Diseases
There are some schnauzer diseases that you can unfortunately not control and it has to do with their hereditary and other things out of your control. The number one health issue of schnauzers that can be under your influence is their weight. Miniature schnauzers gain weight very easily and they are the type of breed that does not know when to stop eating. If you have food out, it is more than likely that your miniature schnauzer will keep eating until there is nothing left. This is most likely the case if you have more than one dog. The miniature schnauzer will oftentimes eat the share of your other dog’s food! Be sure not to overfeed your schnauzer so that they do not get overweight.

Being overweight can cause other issues for mini schnauzers if they do not get enough exercise, such as arthritis or problems with their joints. Even breathing problems can emerge from weight problems.

As for diseases, mini schnauzers are prone to liver disease, for example hyperlipidemia which affects the pancreas as well. To combat it, you can start giving your schnauzer milk thistle treats to help cleanse their liver.

Mini schnauzers are also prone to kidney stones. Make sure that your schnauzer has plenty of fresh and clean water and they he/she is eating and drinking regularly. Also see if they are going to the bathroom on a routine schedule to know that their system is working regularly.

Watch out for diabetes and skin disorders as well which is common with mini schnauzers. For the diabetes, make sure that you feed them only dog food and no scraps off the table and especially no sweets. Keep them bathed with conditioners to help their skin disorders as schnauzers may be susceptible to dry skin.

Some other miniature schnauzer diseases that are common are von Willebrand’s disease, cysts, and hereditary eye problems. Von Willebrand’s disease is a hereditary disease which help them form clots and eye problems are hereditary. If you are looking for a schnauzer, make sure the breeder is a good one and do your due diligence.

What other miniature schnauzer diseases do you know they are prone to?